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About A Little Bit of Love

To spread "A Little Bit of Love" to ourselves,
and one another,

one self-care item at a time.

Samantha Harris, from Queens, NY - Owner & Creator of A Little Bit of Love, LLC.  As a teenager I was introduced to raw & natural products, and learned early on that my skin preferred those ingredients.  Most common brands just could not compare;  so I made my own products for my daily routine.  As for my hair, let's face it - natural hair care is NO walk in the park.  The more natural I grew, the more popular hair products were working less and less.  Plus, those unrecognizable ingredients on the label never ever sat right with me.  

ALBoL started in Dec 2018 when I was challenged to take action on a dream.  In life I learned that my happiest moments and best results always came about when operating from a place of Love.  Just a Little Bit (of Love) can go so far.  That Christmas I made gift sets for my family, and scotched taped “A Little Bit of Love” on them with their title & ingredients.  One of my sisters strongly encouraged me to Trademark the name, and I realized this is a great way to spread the message.  So by April of 2020 ALBoL officially became a legal business.

I've earned a Master’s degree in Human Services and worked in Health & Human Services for 25 years & counting.  I am not only vegan but also organic, gluten-free, soy-free, and at least 50% raw vegan.  In other words, there is a great deal of care and discipline in my life and those same efforts go into your products.  There are absolutely no additives, pre-mixed formulas, alcohols, or chemicals.  All products are vegan, cruelty-free, and completely homemade with Love.  A Little Bit of Love (just like Love) is for everyone - all ages, hair types, & skin tones.  A Little Bit of Love goes a long way - with my products, but more importantly in life, and it is vital to keep this message…. to keep Love… going.

Enjoy🦋 & Thank You for Sharing A Little Bit of Love🦋