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hair and beard oil

Hair Oil / Beard Oil

A Little Bit of Love
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"A Little Bit of Love" Hair & Beard Oil is the perfect hair oil for Everyone!  Keep your hair, beards, locs, scalps, & roots healthy at its best!  Nozzle top provides an easy reach through your natural tresses.  Apply "A Little Bit of Love" at a time as needed.

Ingredients:  essential oils:  apricot ~ avocado ~ hemp seed ~ jamaican black castor ~ jojoba ~ lavender ~ olive ~ rosemary ~ fragrance oil

Use:  For any hairstyle, in between washes, or as a pre-treatment before washing.  Twist nozzle open enough to achieve desired oil flow.  Using the nozzle to reach your scalp, place small dots of oil throughout.  Use fingertips to massage oil throughout.  Style your hair for the day, or let marinate in your du-rag or bonnet at night. For very short hair & beards, place a few drops onto fingertips or hands & massage into hair / beard.  

Wash & Go Alert:  you may prefer to apply this hair oil AFTER your wash & go is complete & fully dried to prevent product beading / residue.  Plus, as your fingertips massage this oil into your scalp, you will also fluff out your wash and go perfectly! 

Bonus Alert:  some ingredients in this product are also natural bug repellents!